My mihimihi

Since arriving in NZ I have been going to lessons to try to learn Maori. Thought it would be good to find out a bit about the heritage of the country we have chosen to make our home, something to challenge the old grey matter, and a way to meet people. Nigel was meeting people at work, the boys were at school making friends and little old me was stuck at home all day. Now don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed having some time to myself, had a chance to catch up on some reading, sit and have a leisurely breakfast in the morning sun (and a leisurely lunch in the afternoon sunshine), explore the local surroundings but…..I do need someone to talk to! I’m not well known for being the shy retiring, silent one in the corner, I do like a bit of a natter! So off I went, Monday evenings at the Waikato University satellite campus on Ruakura Road. It’s been interesting – not quite what I was expecting and I wouldn’t say I am exactly fluent in Maori but I now know how to properly pronounce all the place names we see on the road signs as we drive around. Our teacher, Atakura, is lovely. Infinitely patient, calm, serene and full of fascinating facts and fiction about the Maori culture which we are all too happy to let her tell us. (It means we don’t have to do anything and it really is interesting!) Anyway next week is the last week of Level 1 Maori and we will be assessed! We have to sing the songs – fortunately with accompaniment and altogether not individually! – and perform our mihimihi. That is like our family tree to explain our ancestry – something that is very important to the Maori. So, as a way of practising I thought I would write mine out here! Here goes….
Tena tatou katoa
Ko Ingleborough te maunga
Ko Easegill te awa
Ko Ingarangia te iwi
Ko Lucas te hapu
Ko Hodgson te hapu
No Ingarangia ahau, te Kirikiriroa toku kainga inaianei.
I te taha a toku Papa
Ko Randolph Hodgson toku koroua
Ko Hilda Bosworth toku kuia
Ko mate raua
I te taha a toku Mama
Ko Fred Lucas toku koroua
Ko Evelyn Gardiner toku kuia
Ko mate raua
Ko Norman Hodgson toku Papa
Ko Shelagh Lucas toku Mama
Ko mate raua
Ko Anne ahau, ko ahau te matamua
kaore te tungane
Tokotoru aku tuahine, ko Kate ratou ko Jo ko Steph aku tuahine.
Ko ratou aku teina, ko Steph taku potiki.
Ko Nigel Robertson toku hoa tane
ko takurua tama
Ko Lachlan raua ko Aonghas aku tama.
No reira tena koutou katoa.
Hope that’s right!  I’d better practise it now!