Memory Lane

I have finally got around to looking out the slide scanner and scanning some of the old slides we have from way back.  What a trip down Memory Lane – good as well as some sad memories.  Takes a bit of time though as the scanner only does one slide at a time! Have also scanned some of the old photos so that we have digital versions of them.  Here is one of our wedding in 2000 – who is that dashing kilt-clad Scotsman?  He hasn’t changed a bit – just a little bit rounder!  My boys have grown up and now I have a big 15 yr old who is taller than me, and all long limbs and angles – too big for public displays of affection but still secretly likes a cuddle!  And then there is Big Gus who is still small enough to sit on my knee – but only just, and who loves cuddles as long as his friends aren’t around!